Friday, September 14, 2007


Out of the dank depths of misery rose
A lonely figure, a tortured soul
who's confusion showed no signs of stopping
the frustration heavy and unforgiving

The conflict rising deep within her
to tear at flesh and reveal much deeper
a desperate soul crying out with needs
of human touch on a heart that bleeds

Some way of knowing what's felt inside
fear of secrets, we choose to hide
who to trust, which way to turn
the ache inside that rips and burns

leaving flesh so scarred and raw
no hope of happiness, restored
frustration that impedes her brain
only fear, mistrust and misery remain

Friday, February 02, 2007


I've only known you a short while
hardly know you at all
but tonight you've gone away
and left a hollow in your place

I need to talk to you
there's things I need to say
but you've gone away
and I'm left wanting

I feel so foul with the world around me
want to tell you how I feel
don't want you to misunderstand
which is why i keep it inside

all i know is that - i miss you
you're always there to make me smile
wish you were here so i could smile again
don't know which way to turn

I know you'll return again soon
but for tonight i have to wait
i never expected to feel this way
and will never tell you why

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Strangers united with a common bond
connections formed in a single heart beat
recognition at some level
of lives that can be shared

a touch on skin
of people you barely know
and the knowledge
of a friendship formed

Such warmth and trust and laughter heard
all striving for the same goal
eyes alight with new possibilities
screams of delight as embraces exchange

A glimmer of love and hope
in a desperate world
A world crying out for help
where we believe all is evil

Bombardment of images
of death an destruction
to tortured remnants
of souls turned bad

Media ripping with vultures talons
at anything that paints a dark picture
ensuring an international suicide pact
as there's no place to turn
no sign of hope

but here in this tiny corner of the world
we can be reminded of the good hidden within
the trust we can once again instill in each other
the need and want to assist

All wanting to help
to aid in some one's plight
the joyous smiles
bad qualities hidden from sight

Sunday, January 28, 2007


sunrise, the sunlight dances across your chest
highlighting the goldeness upon you
the stark reality of a new day
of promises andmsitakes made

the silk upon your skin
translucent, pale and unforgiving
sweat glistening on your delicate hairs


thay moment of passion
of common misunderstanding
the guilt, the pleasure
and now the pain

was the sacrifice worth it
the horrors we now have to face
the condeming thoughts too much to bear
the heaviness laying in our hearts
and what was it all for?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Middle of the night
no sound of waking
the masses slumber on
as the dawn awakes

Light begins to filter
through the fabric of the night
new day beginning to stir
as shadows take shape

Silence hangs heavy in the air
in this former lively place
while all about begin to shift
as a new day they make their own

Sounds beginning to pierce
the still and sleepy air
to invade their minds and bodies
the shrill of an alarm, raising bodies from beds

Thoughts returning to those who can't be here
thinking of how much they'd like
sat in solitude away from the crowd
drinking in the silence before chaos descends

A fleeting moment taken for oneself
with no rules or judgement, only me to satisfy
the thing we all miss the most....ourselves
finding the time and space just to be

Resting here in a place of friends and strangers
so full of joy and laughter
but still having to fit the mold
that others have cast you in

What would people say if they saw me
quiet and reflective in the early hours
would they recognise me as the person from before
the carefree party girl who always entertains

Would they actually leave me to be?
Would I really want them to see?
Do we all consciously try to shape ourselves
into the form we want to portray?

Are any of us really free?

Saturday, December 30, 2006

More titches

Sorry its been so long since posting, so to make up for it I found some of these titches lurking in my book...


heat washing over me
so I can't breathe
claws scratching at my throat
making it bleed

brow moist with perspiration
blackness spreading
crawling underneath my skin
but I can not scratch

trapped in my lonely prison cell
of my own violation
waiting for you to release me
from my captive state

twist and turn in my sleep
moistened brow from nightmare screams
faces haunt my waking moments

the twisted shapes
against a shadow of reality


fever rising
madness creeping
all sense escaping me

dark thoughts
anger remains

can't think
head's screwed up
what do I want
I don't know

life mapped out
guided by someone else
don't want it that way


all alone in space and time
waiting for you to be mine
liquid tastes strange now
the bitter taste plays upon my lips

thinking of you
my mind in a spin
images playing in my head
reflecting what's already been


the hollowness of life
displayed so starkly
the suburbanites with matching lives
stupidly believing all the lies
darkness descends
imagery fascinating me
blackness covers the moon
then end will come soon

your soft skin reflected in the pale moonlight
a moment taken within stillness of night

Friday, December 01, 2006


Words were spoken
with no self control
fears were heightened
as the truth unfolds

I had no influence
on what came to pass
and in the fleeting moment
a decision cast

I need you to know
it wasn't meant that way
I told her no
but on she played

passing soundbites
that weren't hers to share
thinking it was her right
my privacy laid bare

I wish I could tell you
this isn't me
it was a young fool
trying to impress, you see?

I didn't want her to say those things
should have kept them to herself
embarrassed you and made you cringe
and now the damage is dealt

I'll never retrieve that precious moment
a truthless lament has wrought it from me
all semblance of friendship has been rent
and no option now but to let it be